Amnesia Rebirth ps4 free download code

Amnesia: Rebirth Ps4 Redeem Code

Amnesia: Rebirth on PlayStation 4 is a sequel to the company’s 2010 hit survival horror game, The Dark Descent. The game will take place in the Algerian desert following a plane crash. Players will assume the role of a woman named Tasi Trianon, who will have to survive otherworldly monstrosities with close to no supplies and her wits.

Download Amnesia Rebirth code PS4

Amnesia Rebirth ps4 download code

Amnesia: Rebirth Ps4 Download Code

Amnesia: Rebirth PlayStation 4 Digital Code

The gameplay does not differ significantly from the standards set by the previous installments of the series. We are still dealing with a typical adventure game with logical elements and a thick, chilling atmosphere. We travel through the Algerian desert, look into locations shrouded in darkness, collect items and notes that allow us to learn the history of a given place, and solve puzzles that bring us closer to our goal. During the game, we also encounter monsters, but you cannot fight them. To survive, Tasi must hide from them and run away. Amnesia: Rebirth is based on the latest version of the proprietary engine. The graphics have been properly tweaked and make an impression with the play of lights and shadows that allowed to build a disturbing atmosphere. In building an aura of mystery and tension, the climatic musical setting along with the sounds that cause shivers down your back also helps.

Amnesia Rebirth Free redeem code
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