CastleStorm 2 Switch free download code

CastleStorm 2 Switch Redeem Code

CastleStorm 2 on Nintendo Switch offers combat units and 6 story campaigns, each telling a story of a different hero. You have the opportunity to take control of a hero and fight directly on a battlefield. Our task is to destroy the walls with siege machines, send combat units and support them during the fight. In between the skirmishes, we also have the opportunity to expand our own fortress.

Download CastleStorm 2 code Switch

CastleStorm 2 Switch download code

CastleStorm 2 Switch Download Code

CastleStorm 2 Nintendo Switch Digital Code

The meat of gameplay CastleStorm 2 takes place in the game’s battles. You spawn troops from one side of the screen, who march across and meet with enemy troops coming from the other side. There is a large number of different troop types, and each counters certain enemies. The key is predicting what you’ll see from your foe and adapt your army accordingly. Fight against other players in the competitive campaign, PvP “castle-destruction matches” or team up and defend your territories together against the computer opponent.

CastleStorm 2 Nintendo Free Download Code
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