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Child of Light is a turn-based role-playing game by Ubisoft Montréal. In a fairytale-like setting with monsters, myths and magic, the player in the role of Princess Aurora explores a painting-like 2d game world, speaks with npcs, recruits members for the hero party and fights against nasty fantasy Monsters.

The fights inspired by Japanese RPGs run round the Way. Aurora’s Permanent useful Companion is a controllable firefly that can be controlled by a teammate in co-op mode for two Participants on Nintendo Switch.

Child of Light Nintendo Switch

Child of Light Switch Download Code

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On the one hand, Child of Light will be a redesign of classic fairytales and still include many elements of a classic Japanese roleplaying Game. You will explore the magical world of Lemuria in the role of the girl aurora, revealing mysteries and disputing round-based Fights.

You must reveal mysteries and prove yourself in classical, round-based fights while you explore the magical kingdom. Aurora is accompanied by a small elf named Igniculus and other allies who will meet her on her journey. She has to make up her greatest fears and defeat sinister dragons and mysterious Creatures. Igniculus can be controlled by a second player and will support AURORA.

Download Child of Light Nintendo Switch Redeem Code

Aurora plays the young Princess of the Kingdom of Lemuria. You must stop the black queen The Sun has stolen moon and Stars. Find the three sources of light to restore Lemuria. Discover places full of secrets and interact with their inhabitants.

Aurora grows in her duties by closing acquaintances with mystical beings. In the world you meet fairy dragons or wild wolves.

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