Days Gone ps4 free redeem code download

Days Gone Ps4 Redeem Code

Days Gone on Playstation 4 is a survival action game located in the post-apocalyptic United States infested by hordes of zombies. The game is created by Bend Studio known from many exclusive games created by Playstation.

Download Days Gone code PS4

Days Gone PS4 download code

Days Gone Ps4 Download Code

Days Gone PlayStation 4

The adventure is set in a post-apocalyptic third-person world and the game takes place in America four years after the outbreak of a virus pandemic that turned all people into zombies. The game has an extensive crafting system which can be improved with the materials taken. During the story missions we can move on a motorcycle and traverse the map in search of raw materials for crafting. The creators have added to the game survival mode, which is a more difficult version of the campaign. It is characterized by, among others more enemies, no fast travel, more bosses to beat or a more difficult interface. The game also offers challenges in which we participate in races and fight and hordes of zombies.

Days Gone PS4 Free redeem code

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