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Free Eldest Souls Xbox One Redeem Code

Eldest Souls is a pixel-art RPG that is already suggesting some interesting and rich lore with its first look. Eldest Souls is a two-dimensional role-playing game in which the action is seen from above. The work is part of the soulslike subgenre.

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Eldest Souls XBOX ONE free codes

Eldest Souls Xbox One Download Code

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Quests, mysteries, and interactions with many characters await you, and with a fast-paced action combat system, it will be interesting to see how this indie game will take inspiration from the souls-like genre to hopefully create something exciting and fresh. This means that encounters with powerful bosses are a key part of the game, and the production is also a big task for the player. The game revolves around exploring the Citadel, a massive labyrinth in which the Old Gods are held captive. We converse to NPCs we come across and, most importantly, we eliminate the deities we come across while wandering around. Defeating them grants us special abilities that we can use in future encounters. We also complete a variety of side missions that help us improve our hero’s skills and acquire new equipment.

Eldest Souls Xbox one Free Download Code

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