Ghost of a Tale Switch free download code

Ghost of a Tale Switch Redeem Code

Ghost of a Tale on Nintendo Switch is a action role-playing game that tells a very meaningful story and sports some features that make the game stand out from the competition. The game takes us to a fantastic land inspired by the Middle Ages, inhabited by anthropomorphic animals.

Download Ghost of a Tale code Switch

Ghost of a Tale Switch download code

Ghost of a Tale Switch Download Code

Ghost of a Tale Nintendo Switch Digital Code

The main character, Tilo the mouse, we meet when he is imprisoned in the mighty Dwindling Heights Keep fortress, occupied by rats. The protagonist manages to free himself; before he can fully enjoy his freedom, he must find Meera, his wife. Its highlights are the charming story and characters as well as the stealth-focused gameplay. Sadly, some technical issues do get in the way on Nintendo Switch, preventing the game from reaching its full potential. However, if you’re looking for a game that can make you think, look no further, as Ghost of a Tale tackles a handful of very important issues in a mature and very thoughtful way. The hero must therefore be cunning and sneak behind the backs of opponents, hide in barrels or use bottles and sticks to confuse or stun the opponent standing in his way.

Ghost of a Tale Nintendo Free Download Code
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