Ghostrunner ps4 free download code

Ghostrunner Ps4 Redeem Code

Ghostrunner on Playstation 4 is an action game developed by One More Level, a Polish studio. We are talking about developers who have, among others, the well-received God’s Trigger game in their portfolio. We play the role of a hero during the game, endowed with supernatural abilities that enable him to battle both in the physical world and in cyberspace, making him the only one to be able to face the Key Keeper.

Download Ghostrunner code PS4

Ghostrunner ps4 download code

Ghostrunner Ps4 Download Code

Ghostrunner PlayStation 4 Digital Code

The hardcore approach of Ghostrunner to melee combat is extremely fascinating, making it sound like a brutal and intense game of chess. The protagonist climbs to the next floor of the tower, revealing the secrets and secrets of his own past. Using melee weapons, we can eliminate opponents by surprise or in open combat. It is interesting that one precise attack is sufficient to kill the enemy. Furthermore, the developers allow us, for example, to slow down time in order to avoid fire in time. Ghostrunner has three-dimensional graphics of great quality. You may like its artistic direction, detailed textures and, finally, the hero and his opponents’ animations.

Ghostrunner Free redeem code
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