Hot Pursuit Remastered ps4 free download code

Hot Pursuit Remastered Ps4 Redeem Code

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered is a remaster of the 2010 game created by Criterion Software. Need for Speed: A new version of the racing game from 2010 is Hot Pursuit Remastered. The graphics have been converted to modern 21: 9 resolutions by developer Stellar Entertainment and new knowledge has been added.

Download Hot Pursuit Remastered code PS4

Hot Pursuit Remastered ps4 download code

Hot Pursuit Remastered Ps4 Download Code

Hot Pursuit Remastered PlayStation 4 Digital Code

The game was a somewhat success winning multiple awards that year including best driving game and the best multiplayer game as the British Academy Awards. Moreover, all DLC content has been incorporated into the current campaign, the Autolog feature has been revamped in multiplayer mode and it has been possible to cross-play between all platforms. There is a new picture mode as well. Countermeasures are used, such as EMP hits, nail tapes, helicopters. To equate the best moments with those of your mates, you can use Autolog. The special thing about it is that you either drive from A to B as a speeder or, as a police officer, you chase the rowdies and smash into their vehicles until they are knocked out.

Hot Pursuit Remastered PS4 Free redeem code
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