Insurgency Sandstorm ps4 free download code

Insurgency Sandstorm Ps4 Redeem Code

Insurgency: Sandstorm on Playstation 4 is a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter game developed by New World Interactive Studio. The game is the second installment in the FPS series. The game takes our hero on a journey to the Middle East, where we fight our opponents.

Download Insurgency Sandstorm code PS4

Insurgency Sandstorm ps4 download code

Insurgency Sandstorm Ps4 Download Code

Insurgency Sandstorm PlayStation 4 Digital Code

The basic game mode is a multiplayer fight that takes place on fourteen maps, during which we have to defeat the opposing team. The game ends when either team runs out of reinforcements and players or time. Both teams must battle each other to capture all three territorial objectives. Each player only has one life and can only respawn after their team has captured an objective. Our hero has several firearms at his disposal, as well as several gadgets such as: a hand grenade, a smoke screen or summoning support from the air. The title allows us to modify the appearance and armament of our soldier. The game also features two game modes called Checkpoint and Outpost, in which we can fight duels with up to eight players.

Insurgency Sandstorm PS4 Free redeem code
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