LEGO City Undercover ps4 free download code

LEGO City Undercover Ps4 Redeem Code

LEGO City Undercover is a video game for Playstation 4. It is a sandbox-style action adventure game. The game follows the adventures of undercover cop Chase McCain as he attempts to capture the criminal Rex Fury and put an end to a crime wave in LEGO City. LEGO City: Undercover is characterized by three-dimensional graphics of decent quality.

Download LEGO City Undercover code PS4

LEGO City Undercover ps4 download code

LEGO City Undercover Ps4 Download Code

LEGO City Undercover PlayStation 4 Digital Code

Particularly noteworthy is the vivid color palette and the refined surroundings, made of the title bricks. After a briefing, Chase takes care of a bank robbery carried out by the clown robbers. After the mission, Chase bumps into Natalia Kowalski, who reveals that she had to change her identity to hide from Rex Fury and threatens to leave him for her personal safety. Later, Chase takes on a gang of robbers on the TV tower, and finds out from the leader that they were working from Rex Fury. Chase decides to go to Albatross Prison to find evidence of Rex, where he meets Blue Whittaker, who tells him about Rex. After investigating his cell, Chase discovers that Rex used a hammer to dig his way out of prison.

LEGO City Undercover Free redeem code
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