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Luigis Mansion 3DS Redeem Code

Luigis Mansion on Nintendo 3DS is an action adventure game, which was accompanied by the premiere of the Nintendo GameCube console. After a few years, the Kyoto giant’s work was remake developed with the 3DS handheld in mind.¬†Action adventure game that allows you to incorporate the Luigi-in search of his missing brother hero goes to the Haunted Mansion.

Luigis Mansion 3DS

Luigis Mansion 3DS Download Code

Get Luigis Mansion 3DS Free Redeem Code

Luigis Mansion uses the capabilities of both platforms, which was released, thanks to the high-quality three-dimensional graphics; The impression is mainly a game of lights and shadows, but please can also elaborate character models or visual effects accompanying the absorption of spirits to the vacuum cleaner. The whole is maintained in the cartoon-style characteristic of the adventures of Plumbers.

Download Luigis Mansion 3DS Redeem Code

Luigis Mansion consists of four main stages in which we are engaged in traversing the homes (access to the following rooms are obtained after finding the appropriate key), collecting hidden treasures there and fighting the spirits encountered. During the clashes we make use of the flashlight, with the help of which we stun opponents, providing the possibility to absorb them to Poltergusta 3000, or a specially modified vacuum cleaner; It is worth remembering, however, that each spirit has a certain number of life points, and the more they have, the harder it is caught up inside the device. In addition to the serial opponents, there are also special adversaries (whose elimination requires the fulfilment of certain conditions), as well as sneaky and much stronger bosses waiting at the end of each level.

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