Maneater Switch redeem code free download

Maneater Switch Redeem Code

Maneater is a single player, open world action RPG where you are the shark. The goal of this game is to eat everything in sight and then wash that meal down with anything dumb enough to think it could hide from you the first time through. The game is almost a full-fledged action RPG.

Maneater Switch redeem code free download

Maneater Switch Download Code

Maneater Nintendo Switch Digital Code

The main gameplay mechanic in Maneater involves you cruising through the water, monching on anything you can fit down your ever-growing gullet and avoiding larger predators until you’re big enough to bite them down to size. Every bite we take is worth a certain number of points. Every living creature has its own set of life bars. We gain experience as we progress from one level to the next. The player also improve our skills and upgrade our equipment. We have a huge advantage over humans as sharks. Harpoons, nets, and depth bombs pale in comparison to the predator’s raw, ruthless strength. The total amount of protein, fats, minerals, and mutagen you’ve consumed is used to gauge your developmental progress.

Maneater Nintendo Free Download Code
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