One Piece World Seeker ps4 free download code

One Piece World Seeker Ps4 Redeem Code

With One Piece World Seeker on Playstation 4, to build gameplay around him, Ganbarion bets on offering only one playable character, Luffy. He has the immense ability that begs to be exploited, with his elastic body and all his iconic movements. This is not, or at least not entirely, the case in this title.

Download One Piece World Seeker code PS4

One Piece World Seeker ps4 download code

One Piece World Seeker Ps4 Download Code

One Piece World Seeker PlayStation 4 Digital Code

All the makings of open-world gaming are there, but no more. On the menu: phases of the battle, phases of exploration, a little crafting, a tiny skill tree, and a search log. Luffy has a rather concise palette of skills in terms of movement and discovery. Stealth mechanics are another element that is new to the series. Now, however, it is also possible for him to fall behind his rivals to defeat them quickly. He also has the ability to search the world, a little like Batman or Geralt, to find fascinating objects. Initially, it might seem odd, but quickly you get used to it. The creation of characters is fairly easy and mostly done through a five-branched skill tree. There are two sides to the Haki fighting style. But you also have a branch at your disposal to increase your basic statistics, mechanics of exploration, and the battle itself. As normal, to gain sufficient points to spend, it will be necessary to complete the goals of the missions or shoot down a certain number of enemies to purchase these new abilities. So we spent almost 6 hours with Luffy on Jail Island in One Piece: World Seeker: the new setting for this adventure.

One Piece World Seeker Free redeem code
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