Paper Mario Origami King switch free redeem code download

Paper Mario Origami King Switch Redeem Code

Paper Mario Origami King on Nintendo Switch is a RPG game. The mustached plumber goes to the world created from origami and must save his friend. Origami King is the sixth installment of the Paper Mario series and the first to be released on the Nintendo Switch console. The game is a humorous story combining old platformers with classic RPGs.

Paper Mario Origami King

Paper Mario Origami King Switch Download Code

Paper Mario Origami King Nintendo Switch

Paper Clashes take place in round arenas and require the player both logical thinking and cunning to put opponents in a row and maximize their damage. Queen Peach is trapped in a distant castle during the quest and the hero must once again find a way to get inside the castle. The adventure begins with cooperation with people such as Luigi, Bowser, Toad and Olivia, sister of King Olly. One of the biggest novelties are very effective paper arms, which we use to unlock side quests and solve puzzles and mini-games.

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