Port Royale 4 xbox one free download code

Port Royale 4 Xbox One Redeem Code

Port Royale 4 on Xbox One is a business simulation game set in the Caribbean and partly the Atlantic. The player takes control of a small colony and grows it into a bustling city by developing production chains, creating trade routes across the sea.

Download Port Royale 4 code Xbox One

Port Royale 4 xbox one download code

Port Royale 4 Xbox One Download Code

Port Royale 4 Xbox One Digital Code

During the game, we play the role of the owner of a small settlement, whose goal is to create an empire spanning many islands. Port Royale 4 focuses on the economic aspect. While playing, our hero can build one hundred and fifty types of buildings, most of which are structures used for the production of various types of personal goods. The player has to develop his economy and learn to balance expenses and investments in his country. In addition to economic development, we also command sailing ships during tactical sea battles, which for the first time in the history of the cycle are played in turn-based mode. The game features 18 types of ships, modeled on authentic 17th century ships.

Port Royale 4 Xbox one Free Download Code

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