Rocket Arena ps4 free download code

Rocket Arena Ps4 Redeem Code

Rocket Arena on Playstation 4 is a multiplayer shooter developed by Final Strike. the game’s gameplay was inspired by the Super Smash Bros series and other first person shooter games. New Rocket Arena is a first-person shooter that allows us to compete with an enemy team during a 3 vs 3 fight.

Download Rocket Arena code PS4

Rocket Arena ps4 download code

Rocket Arena Ps4 Download Code

Rocket Arena PlayStation 4 Digital Code

Two teams of three take part in the competition on the map, competing with each other on a large map filled with various types of equipment and additional skills. The rules resemble a popular series of shooter games – we have to throw rivals off the map, and the more damage we deal to them, the further they will fly after receiving the accurate projectile, which will make it difficult for them to return to the map. The game has six characters with different skills and equipment, and four ranking modes in which we will compete.

Rocket Arena PS4 Free redeem code
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