Sonic Mania xbox free download code

Sonic Mania Xbox One Redeem Code

Sonic Mania takes place over twelve different zones, of these zones there are eight ‘remixed’ zones, such as Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog, alongside four original zones. In addition to the moves known from classic scenes, such as spin attack or spin dash, Sonic Mania also features a new maneuver called drop dash, which allows you to roll up into a ball immediately after a landed jump.

Download Sonic Mania code Xbox One

Sonic Mania xbox free download code

Sonic Mania Xbox One Download Code

Sonic Mania Xbox One Digital Code

The games storyline is laid out through various short cutscenes which happen in game at the end of each level. In each level there are giant rings hidden for players to active a pseudo-3D special level. In these levels players must collect colored spheres that increase their speed as well as dodge various obstacles in an effort to catch a UFO. Apart from that, the game also features golden rings, characteristic for the series, providing partial protection against damage and allowing you to unlock special bonus stages. Sonic Mania not only applies to the classic parts of the series in terms of the setting, but also in terms of mechanics. The game has a rather old-school graphic style, stylized as one from the days of the Sega Genesis console, considering the tremendous possibilities of modern PCs and eighth generation consoles. This formula is a nod to the series’ most devoted fans and a sort of effort to respect its iconic and top-rated scenes.

Sonic Mania Xbox one Free Download Code
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