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The Room on Nintendo Switch is an independent puzzle game with elements of Point-and-click adventure and Hidden Object games. The title corresponds to the Fireproof Games team founded in 2012 year, which has been awarded a series of industry awards and accolades, a BAFTA for best British game of the year, and nominations for artistic achievements, best debut and The best mobile game.

The Room Switch

The Room Switch Download Code

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The action of production takes place in the title room, in the middle of which there is a mysterious safe. The player’s task is to discover all the mysteries. The gameplay mixes different genres, but is based mainly on solving logic puzzles, which consist of moving individual elements, searching for mysterious Lockboxs, in which special objects are hidden, or manipulating The head of the wrench to match it with the unusual latch. In addition, during the game we use a special glass, showing things that can not be seen in the normal mode of vision.

Download The Room Nintendo Switch Redeem Code

The Room on Switch can boast high-quality artwork, made in high definition. The distinctive feature of the title is also the dark style and the specific atmosphere of the game. The game takes place in the title room, where there is a very complicated safe. The player goes to the title room, where there is a mysterious safe. As it is hard to guess, our task is to investigate what is in the middle. For this purpose, you need to carefully check the entire room, because in its recesses there are clues, or objects that we can use later.

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