Windbound Switch free download code

Windbound Switch Redeem Code

Windbound on Nintendo Swicthis a third-person survival game, the kind where resource gathering and crafting tools and supplies. The main character of Windbound is a warrior named Kara.

Download Windbound code Switch

Windbound Switch download code

Windbound Switch Download Code

Windbound Nintendo Switch Digital Code

From now on, our main goal is to survive in this dangerous corner of the world. Crafting a bow will allow taking down animals to be that much easier and getting yourself some arrows is as simple as cutting down some sticks found poking out of the ground. There’s also plenty of bushes for you to lay in wait and hide in as you find the perfect time to take aim and bring a Gorehorn down. Kara will gather resources, cook food, craft items and weapons, fight off dangerous wildlife, and even build boats to escape the archipelago and unpack the dark backstory of these sea swept environs. A final, easy-to-spot rock temple will then open the portal to the next chapter.

Windbound Nintendo Free Download Code

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