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Dead Cells Switch Redeem Code

Dead cells on Nintendo Switch is an action game with elements roguelike and metroidvanii, created by independent French Motion Twin studio. During the game we explore gloomy castle, whose individual fragments, such as chambers, courtyards and channels, are generated procedurally. The game forces fast decision-making and flawless response to monster attacks

Dead Cells Switch

Dead Cells Switch Download Code

Get Dead Cells Switch Free Redeem Code

Dead Cells switch free download code. In the breaks between the battles we explore the next dungeons. They tend to be expanded, and some of their fragments initially cannot be reached. With help come here to find runes in the game that unlock completely new skills, eg. Climbing walls or teleportation. Spots in Dead cells cover also a lot of secrets-we can reach additional loot or to rooms with new schemes. The shown action from the side, where the areas visited are multilevel. The core of the game is the exploration of the site, including, among others, dungeons, prison, clock tower and channels.

Download Dead Cells Nintendo Switch Redeem Code

Dead cells offers a large maneuver for the creation of a build form. The hero can use a variety of weapons (melee or ranged), as well as power, shields, skills, traps or grenades. Some combinations of items and abilities can be incredibly powerful. In each new game we start only with the usual sword, bow and shield-better items we have to find in the world of Play or buy for gold from the traders encountered. Loot is also drawn on the basis of only the plans that we were able to win in previous competitions.

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