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The Forest Ps4 Redeem Code

The Forest on PS4 is a survival horror with first-person Perspective view (FPP). The Forest is the work of an independent studio, SKS Games, which is mainly known by the hit smartphone End Night. You play the man who survived the crash of the passenger plane. The hero awakens at the wreck and, like Robinson Crusoe, tries to survive by building shelter and looking for food. Quickly, however, it turns out that castaway is not on the island alone, in addition to him in the jungle hides a tribe of mutants-cannibals.

The Forest PS4

The Forest Ps4 Download Code

Get The Forest ps4 free redeem code

The Forest on PS4 is partly dynamic-the weather is constantly changing, and some plants grow and wilt, this is the daily cycle. On the island there is also a vast system of underground caves and tunnels connecting them, while the player receives full freedom to explore the world. Survival elements play an important role-we need to cut down the trees to get firewood or as a fabric shelter, it is also necessary to search for food, animal hunting and plant cultivation. Both day and night, we need to fend off mutant attacks. An extensive craft system allows you to construct your own weapons and traps, and the game also offers elements skradankowe and often the best way to experience is to avoid contact with the cannibals.

Download The Forest Ps4 Redeem Code

The Forest ps4 free redeem code is a first-person horror film with strong survival elements. The game has been produced by Studio Endnight Games, having a mobile End Night account. The company founded people who previously worked on special effects in films such as Tron: Legacy and 300.

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