Sonic Mania ps4 free download code

Sonic Mania Ps4 Redeem Code

Sonic Mania is a retro game that looks like the series’ earliest installments on the Genesis and Sega CD. It even reuses some levels from those games, albeit with some tweaks and updates. Sonic Mania refers to the classic installments of the series released on Sega Mega Drive as a two-dimensional platformer.

Download Sonic Mania code PS4

Sonic Mania ps4 free download code

Sonic Mania Ps4 Download Code

Sonic Mania PlayStation 4 Digital Code

SM preserves the pleasure and thrill of speeding through a stage, grabbing every ring you can while bashing enemies along the way and discovering new routes. There are three characters we can choose from and each of them has different abilities. For instance, a drop dash can be carried out by Sonic, tails can fly and swim, and knuckles can climb and glide. We may play with another person or alone. The passage awaits twelve maps – eight are known from the previous pieces, while four are entirely new. In turn, each world consists of two smaller boards, and we engage in a boss battle at the end of it. The boards feature golden rings, the most significant collectible here, as in the previous pieces. As long as we have at least one ring with us, our hero will not kick off the calendar. We may also discover large rings in each act that carry us to the bonus pseudo-three-dimensional floor.

Sonic Mania PS4 Free redeem code
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