Subnautica xbox one free download code

Subnautica Xbox One Redeem Code

Subnautica is a survival action-adventure game set in an open world environment and played from a first-person perspective. In the second half of the XXII century, when mankind started to colonize distant worlds on massive ships, the game was scheduled to take place. One of them, Aurora, is crashing into planet 4546B, almost completely ocean-covered.

Download Subnautica code Xbox One

Subnautica xbox one free download code

Subnautica Xbox One Download Code

Subnautica Xbox One Digital Code

The game seems like a nautical holiday wrapped inside a survival game. Swim around a gentle ocean and meet lots of colourful fish, chill out in an underwater forest, sunbathe on top of a little escape pod. Players take on the part of a surviving member of the crew who wakes up after a crash in a damaged rescue capsule. Oceans make up almost the entire game world, so caring for oxygen is as important as satisfying the hunger and thirst of the hero. Not only horizontally, but even vertically, the discovery itself takes place. The game features numerous ocean ditches and distinct locations of underwater cave systems. There has also been a period of day and night, and dusk can threaten places that are secure during the day.

Subnautica Xbox one Free Download Code
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